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A word from satisfied clients

"I first reached out to Dr. La Force in hopes of resolving post-partum depression without medication. Dr. La Force discovered that I have a fruit intolerance which was likely leading to much of my fatigue and 
mood instability. Through Hydrotherapy, adjusting my diet, and by providing me with a remedy for the hard days, I finally began to feel human again with an energy I never thought possible with two little ones!" 


"My son was peeing his pants at school three days a week before I saw Dr. La Force. As a busy mom, I had no idea where to turn, and I resorted to packing pants he didn't like to school in hopes of discouraging the pants wetting. I heard about Dr. La Force, and decided to give it a try. She gave him a remedy, and it was like magic. Overnight, he stopped wetting his pants. He hasn't wet his pants since we saw her, and he started standing up for himself at school. I can't recommend 
Dr. La Force enough!" -M.W

"I had been going to traditional doctors for over 20 years and my symptoms just kept getting worse. I had issues with anxiety, my stomach, my bladder, and extreme fatigue. Doctors always just told me I was overweight and that was causing most of my problems. They always were giving me tests and new medications and I just kept getting sicker. I finally gave up on them and went to Dr. La Force and she changed my health and my life. For the first time in 20 years I feel healthy, I'm able to be active, and my crippling anxiety went away. I'm so very grateful!" -J.S

Common Conditions


Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic UTIs


Skin Solutions


Hormone Balancing


Complete 3 Phases of Healing in 3 Months

Dr. La Force's Healing Approach
Her Approach is Comprised of 3 Primary Phases



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The purpose of phase I is to jumpstart your journey to optimal health by uncovering the root cause of your illness,developing a personalized treatment plan, and identifying and releasing toxins. Your initial appointment is one hour, and it will be more thorough than any visit you’ve had with a doctor before because Dr. La Force spends time understanding you and all of your health issues. She understands how the systems in the body are connected, and because of this, she looks at the body as a whole, not as individual systems as seen in the conventional healthcare model. She looks at any lab work from a functional perspective and runs your food intolerance evaluation. Knowing and understanding your food intolerance and how it affects your body on a daily basis is the foundation of your plan. After this visit, she will provide solutions to overcome your health issues and a roadmap to reach your optimal health. You will go home with a complete personalized health plan including tools and remedies that will address the root cause of your health issues and will aid you in accomplishing your health goals.

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The purpose of this phase is to replenish nutrients. When you are functioning in a state of dis-ease, you are running on deficiencies, and burning through nutrients more quickly. Dr. La Force's focus is not on supplementation, but on absorption and assimilation so that nutrients are readily available for usage. 

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The purpose of restoring is to integrate the work done during the first two phases and ensure that all cells and organs are working together efficiently. 

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