About Dr. La Force

As a naturopathic doctor, I focus on treating the cause of the illness, not the symptoms. 


This is completely different from conventional thinking where you get a pill for each symptom, each pill has a list of side effects, and soon you don't know if the pills you are taking are treating the side effects or the actual illness itself. That is a disease management model. This is the same model used by integrative medical doctors, except the pill is substituted with a natural substance. 

A typical naturopathic intake lasts about 2 hours because I want to learn as much about you as possible. Having a deep knowledge of your concerns allows me to create a plan that is specific to you.

I use clues from your personal health story, physical presentation, and functional lab tests to determine and treat the cause. I treat the cause by guiding you through lifestyle and dietary changes, herbal, hydrotherapy, nutritional, and homeopathic prescriptions. The recommendations are a pathway to living a vibrant, fulfilling life. 

I also will help you navigate through the world of natural health, by helping you identify what works and what is the latest Facebook or "as seen on TV" fad. 

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