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Dr. La Force doesn't have a favorite therapy, except homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on the theory that "like cures like." The symptoms that a crude dose substance creates are also the symptoms that it produces. German physician Samuel Hannahmen, brilliantly discovered that in dilute doses these are the symptoms that it cures. Well selected remedies have profound effects. 

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Not to be confused with colon hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy is the application of hot and cold towels in a specific way, which increases lymph blood and blood flow to your vital organs. This is used to "clean the blood," as the old naturopaths would say. The treatment activates the immune system, increases nutrient absorption, and promotes waste elimination. Ask Dr. La Force about the "Magic Socks" treatment.

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Herbal Medicine

Dr. La Force recommends herbs at low doses to help stimulate your bodies own natural healing mechanisms. Conversely, herbs can be recommended like pharmaceuticals, in higher doses to have physiologic effect. Because Dr. La Force's goal is to create the space for your body to do the healing, this does not fit with her philosophy. MORE IS NOT BETTER.

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Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is the basic building block that our health relies on. You can be taking the best quality supplements, but it's worthless when your body isn't absorbing the nutrients. Dr. La Force's first step in nutrition is maximizing absorption. The second step is carefully selecting supplements and recommending a diet tailored to your individual needs.

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21st Century American lifestyle is stressful! Lifestyle coaching will include stress management, exercise, mind-body, and healthy eating strategies. Eating healthy also means eating the right foods for YOUR body. With very little exception, Dr. La Force evaluates each patient for food intolerances to ensure you are eating foods that you can digest and aren't causing inflammation in your body. 

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Environmental Medicine

There are environmental pollutants seemingly everywhere from mold to heavy metals. Finding what your body is either over-exposed to or highly susceptible to is the goal. Once we find it we will detox, decrease susceptibility (by improving overall health), and remove the source of exposure.  

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