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Health Reset

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The purpose of phase I is to jumpstart your journey to optimal health by uncovering the root cause of your illness and developing a personalized treatment plan. Your initial appointment is one hour, and it will be more thorough than any visit you’ve had with a doctor before because Dr. La Force spends time understanding you and all of your health issues. She understands how the systems in the body are connected, and because of this, she looks at the body as a whole, not as individual systems as seen in the conventional healthcare model. She looks at any lab work from a functional perspective and runs your food intolerance evaluation. Knowing and understanding your food intolerance and how it affects your body on a daily basis is the foundation of your plan. After this visit, she will provide solutions to overcome your health issues and a roadmap to reach your optimal health. You will go home with a complete personalized health plan including tools and remedies that will address the root cause of your health issues and will aid you in accomplishing your health goals.

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The purpose of the customized detox is to remove toxins, impurities, pathogens, and normal products of metabolism that have built up due to sluggish organ function. Detoxing will help you sleep better, increase your energy, and stimulate your body’s self-healing abilities. The detox will include, specific herbs, drainage remedies, and a series of hydrotherapy treatments. During this phase, your healing will reach a new level.

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The purpose of fine-tuning your plan is to adjust your personalized health plan as your body’s needs change.  You already are feeling the changes in your body: the increased energy, the pain relief, the symptom relief, but Dr. La Force is a perfectionist when it comes to your health. Depending on how long you’ve had your illness, this phase could be a month, a year, or somewhere in between. This phase of the journey consists of monthly follow-ups.

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The purpose of this phase is to stay ahead of any changes in your health as you go through the everyday stresses of life. When you’ve made it this far, your body will be feeling better than you ever thought it could. You will feel so good, and may think “I don’t have to go back.” But, just like with the dentist, having a check-up every 6 months is essential to maintaining optimal health and wellness.

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