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Fees and Payment Options

I have two options payment options. If you want to try this medicine out and see if this is a good fit for you, I have an hourly rate. If you are ready to make a commitment to healing, select a yearly membership. Please see the details for both options below. 

Hourly $180

My hourly billable rate is $180. Initial adult visits run around 90 minutes, whereas initial child visit will typically be 60 minutes. Spending this time is essential to her understanding you and your health concerns. During this time you can expect her to create a personalized health plan. Follow ups are typically 30 minutes (if you have no new presenting concerns) or 45 minutes (if you have additional concerns). As sometimes recommendations can confusing, phone calls regarding your current treatment plan are free of charge. Phone consults will be charged at hourly billable rate. 

Dr. La Force also offers individual and family annual rates that vary depending on the level of service you require and family size. 

Food Intolerance Evaluation $150

Knowing what your body cannot digest provides the foundation of healing. If you are not digesting properly, your body cannot absorb the nutrients and herbal supplements that I recommend efficiently. Changing your diet to suit YOUR body, has profound healing effect. After only following the food intolerance recommendations (and making no other changes) I have seen issues from ADHD to severe, chronic depression to chronic pain resolve. Because this evaluation is the building block of your healing transformation, I run a specialized food intolerance evaluation for every client. *Food intolerance evaluations are only done for current clients. 

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