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Does it feel like you're baby is throwing up everything they just ate? Is your baby not gaining weight as quickly as you'd like? Are you wondering how your baby is getting proper nutrition when it doesn't seem like they can keep anything down? Are you concerned that the medications you're giving your baby may be doing more harm than good? Are they helping? Kind of? Maybe? Did you BREASTFEED because you thought that was best, but it still seems like you're baby can't keep your milk down? Is your doctor encouraging you to switch to a soy-based formula because your child is allergic to your milk? Do you wonder how this could be possible? Isn't breastfeeding natural? Maybe you FORMULA feed, and your baby doesn't tolerate the formula? You've switched formulas several times, but that doesn't seem to make a difference? Are you concerned about the ingredients in the formula like corn, soy, or other additives you can't even pronounce? Do you feel desperate to help your baby, but you feel like you've exhausted your options? Is your marriage suffering because you were so excited for this baby to come, and now, it is harder than you ever imagined? Are you so tired that you can barely read this text because when you're baby isn't barfing, you're worried about the next feeding, the weight gain, the colic, the constipation or if this will ever stop? Maybe you're waiting for your child to "grow out of it."

What if I told you that you don't have to wait?! You can still breastfeed or if you're not breastfeeding there IS a formula that is right for your baby. You can get SOME SLEEP (After all you still have a newborn. Some miracles are possible, but you'll still need to get up with the baby *shrug*). Your baby doesn't need to take unnecessary drugs. If you are a parent who is done watching your baby vomit and ready to ENJOY  bonding with your new baby and your spouse, Dr. La Force would love to work with you.   


Is your baby crying so much that you end up crying most of the time too? Do you feel like a bad mom because you are not loving your time with your baby? Are you disappointed because you thought you were bringing home a bundle of joy and it has just been a stress on your marriage? Do you feel helpless that you can't do anything to console your sweet new child? Can your husband "not handle it?" He didn't think that this is what fatherhood would be like either. Is it against your instincts to leave the baby alone, but someone said that was a good idea? But the constant crying makes you want to pull out your hair (But your hair is falling out already, and by the way what's that all about??) Are you keeping yourself up with internet searches, but not finding anything that works? Do you assume that it's normal for a baby to cry endlessly? Or that your child (SEE REFLUX) will grow out of it? Are you so tired you can barely get to the end of this sentence (SEE REFLUX)? Are you struggling trying to do all the right things? Breastfeeding was harder than they told you it would be. In fact it didn't come naturally at all? Cloth diapering is hard? Heck, disposable diapering is hard? Your vagina is still sore, I mean you pushed a baby out of there, but shouldn't it feel better by now? Your husband already wants to make love, but all you want to do is get a minute of sleep? And on top of all of that, the desperate CRYING of your sweet new child will not stop. 

What if I told you that you don't have to wait?! Your baby can be peaceful and content. You can have an "easy" baby. The crying will end and the gas will pass. Your husband will move back into the bedroom (to sleep, not for sex, that he'll have to wait for). It is possible to enjoy your baby, and no, your baby isn't just difficult. You can be getting sleep and enjoying new baby snuggles. This time will pass in the blink of an eye, you might as well enjoy it. If you are a parent that is done with waiting for your baby to grow out of colic and ready to treasure precious moments with your new baby, Dr. La Force wants to work with you.  


Does your child get ear infections ALL THE TIME? Has your child had round after round of antibiotics? Do you wonder what this medicine may be doing to their bodies? Does your child wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain? Do you wake up in the middle of the night worrying? Maybe it's the middle of the night right now. Have you seen it's affect on their digestion or their immune system? Are you wondering why my child? Have you had so many visits to urgent care that you're on a first name basis? Is the doctor recommending to put tubes in your child's ears? Or you're just waiting for the day that they do? And when they do does that even stop the ear infections? And why are their glands so swollen? Will they need their tonsils removed too? Have you tried chiropractic, with only temporary relief? 

What if I told you your child doesn't need tubes? Your baby doesn't need another round of antibiotics? Your child doesn't need to get ear infections anymore? You don't need to spend another night in urgent care? You don't need to stay up worrying about medication side effects, your child's pain, or complications? If you are a parent who is ready to be done worrying about when the next ear infection will hit and watching your child suffer, give us a call. We will work together to make this happen. 


Has your child been stigmatized as the naughty kid at school or in playgroups. Are you afraid to take your child to playgroups because you don't know how they will behave? Have you seen counselors, therapists, doctors, and parenting experts without any resolution? Are your friends and family suddenly all parenting experts even though they have no idea what you are going through? Do you avoid family and friends because you never know what your child might do? Do you read blogs, articles, and scour the web looking for a solution? Are you exhausted with all of the strategies you have tried that don't seem to work for your kid? Have you eliminated sugar, red dyes, and other typical trigger foods, but it only seems to help a little? Have you been told ADHD is a genetic brain condition? Have you tried medications, but found they have multiple side effects or that they work, but only temporarily? Are you afraid of what all the medications and supplements are doing to your child's little body? Is the constant attention that your "challenging" child requires taking away from the relationships with your other children? Do you have to leave work to answer calls from school or daycare? Are you worried about your child getting kicked out of school or daycare? Are you concerned that your child's behavior will affect their schooling? Maybe it already is? Are you sick and tired of the fits, tantrums, biting, hitting, kicking, swearing, and throwing things? Do you feel like you're exhausting your options, and still feel like a bad parent? 

I'm going to let you in on a secret that you may already know. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PARENT! ADHD AND ODD ARE VERY REAL!  They don't have to be for your child. You can visit family and friends without fear. You can take your child off of the medication. You can stop worrying about if your child can succeed in school and in life. If you are done with ADHD or ODD, Dr. La Force wants to help you. What she has to offer you is nothing like anything you have ever tried before. ADHD and ODD can be a thing of the past. 

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